Day 74 – Coding Dojo GRADUATION DAY!

Left to Right: Oscar, Greg, Cody, Me, Farhan, Ryan, (Clinton), Terry, Tiffany

74 days – that’s exactly how long this bootcamp was – not counting Saturdays, Sundays or Memorial Day.  Considering an average of 12 hours per working day (which did include Saturdays and Memorial Day), that’s over 1,000 hours of learning to code!  1,000 hours!!!!! And in less than 15 weeks! That’s crazy!

So what was my final official day like?  Most of it I spent working on my resume, looking at work postings, and jumping around google reading random coding related articles/short tutorials.  Then at 3 pm we had our official graduation.

Normally the graduating class would present their projects, but project weeks haven’t really gone down the way they should here in Dallas.  Those weeks were basically free-for-alls and not many actual projects were done.  But just to add something to the event (if you want to call it that), 3 of us did present something.  One person had a note application (kind of like evernote) that he’s been working on.  Another person did a pinterest type of application, and then there was me.

I presented my project from the MEAN stack last month since I didn’t have one in Rails completed yet and we never did get our demo day for it back then.  Plus I’m going to be recreating that project in Rails but I’m going to do it implementing TDD so I have to write the tests first.  In case you missed that post a month ago the application that I’m building is a comic book grading app that also has a community forum built in.  When I do recreate it in Rails I’m probably going to keep the Angular part of it on top of Rails.

With those short demos done, our certificates were handed out….Except for mine… The instructor apparently forgot to print it along with the others.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t surprising.  But he did get it taken care of right away and went out to the print shop to pick it up, and here it is:


I like having the 3 Black Belts on there but the Yellow Belt seems a bit odd.  Without knowing the program it looks like I didn’t do as good in it, but in reality I got a 9.75 out of 10 and Yellow is the only belt the Dojo gives out for it.

So during the graduation all the other cohorts (at least the people that showed up today), gathered around for the short ceremony (again, if you can call it that).  No one else though.  No families, no friends, no career services, no guest speakers, no recruiters or potential employers.  I heard other locations get some of those, but they’re still getting things together here in Dallas.

Afterwards we got to share some dominos pizza and bs’d between all the cohorts and instructors.  We recalled back to the early days, the days we were clueless, like the day we were introduced to CodeIgniter (still king as far as worst day at the dojo for me).  We brought up the weird ‘shapes’ assignment with vertices that we were given early on because we didn’t have a good grasp of OOP.  We talked about the week 2 of my cohort-mates spent at the whiteboards figuring out the best algorithm to determine how many pens (or some object of a certain size) would fit in any given box and what the most optimal orientation of those pens(objects) would be.

Then we all played some Ping Pong.  But before that we took the group photo you see above.  Since we consider Oscar to be an honorary member of our cohort we wanted to include him in our picture, and joked (saddingly) how next month he’ll probably be the only person in his cohort physically here for their graduation.

There are 3 people in the picture though that haven’t been in my blog as a Coding Ninja.  One of them is practically not in the picture though, but you can see the backside of his head in front of a computer (right between Ryan and Terry).  He was in the zone working on his Rails belt exam which is why he didn’t fully get into the picture.  Another person many of you might actually be familiar with, and that’s Farhan.  Why might you be familiar with him?  Well because that’s the one and only Nodefs!  Yes, the other blogger from my cohort that’s been keeping everyone up to date (that I also didn’t even know was blogging like me until well over a month in).

We joked that we would photoshop the other Cody into the picture since he already left for home in Seattle this morning, but I don’t think anyone has that good of a picture of him.   That’s it though, out of 16 original members (I don’t think I ever even met 2 of them), only 9 made it all the way through.  The rest mostly dropped out within the first couple weeks, and then there was one straggler we nicknamed ‘Alabama’ that randomly came in at times after we thought he was gone, but we haven’t seen him in at least a month and a half so I don’t know what happened to him.

Here we are, 7 pm on the friday of 4th of July weekend on graduation day, and I’m still here at the Dojo.  I’m calling it though, time to pack up and head out.

While this portion of my coding odyssey is now officially over, I’m not done here at the Dojo and I’m definitely not done with this blog.  I’ll be back on Tuesday for the 1st day of Residency and will continue to post throughout that as well as throughout my search for work.  I may not post as often as I have been for the bootcamp, but I’ll still make sure to post at the very least, twice a week if not more.  And even after that I’ll keep this blog going for as long as this odyssey continues…

Apparently taking a picture acting all silly is a requirement as a programmer!
Apparently taking a picture acting all silly is a requirement as a programmer!

Author: Chris Ulanowicz

Full-stack web developer made in Detroit currently living in the DFW area. Always trying to learn as much as I can about everything I can, especially new technologies and programming languages. When I have time I'm into gaming, comic books, ice hockey, drag racing, and spending time with my family of course.

6 thoughts on “Day 74 – Coding Dojo GRADUATION DAY!”

  1. Congrats on finishing the dojo Chris ! Your blog has been an interesting daily read, and definitely helpful. Especially when you made the decision to exercise every morning and how you discovered the parking garage was the best solution to your transportation issues. Thanks to your blog I’m hyped about attending the dojo in a couple of months.


    1. Thanks! I’m glad I was able to help. Feel free to message me anytime if you have any questions or need some assistance as you’re going through the bootcamp. Good luck, and who knows, if things work out for me maybe I’ll see you at the Dojo as a guest speaker!

  2. Congatulations Chris—- job well done. Much success in following your dream–Edward Szymanski

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