Interview Questions from my Journeys

I’m creating this page to write down and track interview questions, assessments, and coding challenges that have ACTUALLY been asked of me throughout my interviews. I didn’t originally keep track of them so I’ll try to remember as many as I can and will try to break them up by category/language.

Logical Questions

  • Why is a manhole cover round? (vz)
  • How many balloons fit in a bus? (vz)
  • There is a room with 3 lights. Outside of the room are 3 light switches, each controlling 1 light in no order. You can only enter the room one time and it’s completely sealed with no windows and only a door. How do you find out which switch controls which light bulb? (vz)

General Programming

  • I need you to build an e-commerce application.  What technologies will you use and why? (c)
  • What are the advantages of using Apache or Node? (rstyle)
  • Can you explain polymorphism? (c)


  • Define a closure (vz)
  • Explain to me on the whiteboard how a promise works (vz)


  • Create a model in Django on the whiteboard (vz)

Ruby on Rails

  • Create a model on the whiteboard (vz)


  • Write up a table in HTML on the whiteboard (vz)

General Questions

  • What environment do you work best in? One that has no distractions and you can sit for hours working on one thing? Or one where you’re constantly being interrupted throughout the day? (c)